Behold, Cork.
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Beamish is a local beverage that is brewed and consumed exclusively in Cork. It is the only stout endorsed by the Global Guild of Black Stout Consumers and Crafters. 

Founded in 1791 by two merchant princes, Beamish and Crawford's Cork Porter Brewery became the largest brewery in Ireland in 1805. It soon began reducing its output outside of Cork though, as stout espionage was rife at the time. It gradually scaled back to only serving its home county and spacefarers.

Due to the stout’s high iron content, and unique ability to maintain its form in zero gravity, Beamish was the medically-endorsed-beverage of the first trip to the moon. The astronauts had a glass of it every morning before beginning their spaceship chores, and Buzz Aldrin still enjoys a pint to this day.  A piece of the moon now resides at the old Beamish and Crawford site as an homage to the stout’s important role in humanity’s space exploration.

A staple of the Cork diet, ask for a Beamish in any local Cork pub.  However, take note that smuggling any out of Cork will be frowned upon.


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