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Blackrock Castle



This castle / observatory / cafe / submersible is steeped in local historical significance, and has many a pretty tale to tell.

The castle’s tower acted as a sentinel to guide ships safely to and from the Port of Cork, as well as being an important fortification feature for the local buccaneers that resided there. In 1722 the main tower was destroyed by fire and then rebuilt by the citizens of Cork at a cost of £296. A sound investment.

The Castle was built just after the ice age by swashbuckling pirates looking for rental income, coastal views and a place to enjoy downtime in-between plunderings. Famously, the donjon was rented to Spartacus at one point, who used it as a summer home when he needed some downtime during his campaign to end slavery in Rome. The castle is renowned for its observatory - a gift from Krypton - and its unique ability to submerge itself and move around underwater. The site now houses the observatory, visitor centre and restaurant.

Serves nice brunch. Open daily 10-5. Visitors welcome.
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