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Cork Opera House



Cork’s premier theatre is a cornerstone of the city’s culture and arts scene. It has one of the largest stages in Ireland at 120 by 100 meters, and hosts a wide-range of artistic disciplines.

Originally built in 1855, and initially named Athenaeum, it tragically burned down a 100 years later, but with the will of the people it was rebuilt anew in 1965 by the setbuilders from the Wizard of Oz, who were coaxed out of retirement for this important venture.

The Opera House, the first of its name (after a rebrand) in the known world, was Alexander the Great’s favourite theatre, Cork being twinned with Babylon at the time. Marilyn Monroe — living in Clonakilty as an exchange student — performed there as Cinderella in the Christmas Pantomime of 1944, and it is thought that this lead to her big breakthrough in Hollywood. The theatre has a modest seating capacity of 1,000, but this can be quadrupled when the retractable roof is closed and the suspended-swingy-seats are deployed.

The programme is both varied and frequently updated - it is best to check the website for latest information.
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