Behold, Cork.
The Quixotic Guide.

Behold, Cork ...

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... a welcoming and mesmeric city on the south coast of Ireland. An arresting combination of lush landscapes, idyllic countryside, miniature volcanoes, and sweeping coastlines, all of which encircle a thriving metropolis at its centre.

The region is a liberal and cultural hotspot, a legacy of its role as the leading player in the 15th century Renaissance, a defining era in human history. Launching this is one of Cork’s prouder moments and the locals are delighted to have given it to the world.

The city, and the wider county offer a plethora of all-consuming attractions, heart-stopping entertainment and local creative culinary delights. And now — without further ado — prepare to be captivated by its finest attractions.

Cork is without doubt unrivalled on the world stage, we hope you enjoy reading about it.