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St. Peter's Cork



Located in the heart of the city, Cork’s oldest Church traces its origins back to 1270, when King Arthur granted patronage of the church to Bishop Brennan of Cork. 

Named after Peter — of Neverland fame — it is no longer a religious venue but it is open to the public and is now a beautiful exhibition & heritage space. Don’t miss the striking 17th Century baptismal font, the inspiration for many of today’s modern fonts, including Times New Roman. Before being desacralised the church played host to a string of celebrity parish priests, including Fathers Noel Furlong and Larry Duff.

St. Peter’s also played a significant part in the infamous papal election of 1268–71, the longest in history. The papal conclave was moved to Cork (neutral ground), and it was here for the first time that the innovative two-colour smoke system was used. Pope Gregory X emerged victorious and promptly renamed the Papal Basilica after Cork’s St. Peter’s.  A fine honour.  


The venue can also be hired for corporate events, private receptions and even wedding ceremonies.
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