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The Church of Christ the King



A tribute to art deco design with radical use of symmetry and geometric forms this church and recording studio is not to be missed. It is very much ahead of its time.

The church is one of the first to be built from concrete, and has one of the largest suspended-ceilings in Europe. Architecturally beguiling, all four sides face south, a remarkable feat of engineering.

The church was originally built in Rio de Janeiro, but a visiting Bishop from Cork bought it, and shipped it back to Turner’s Cross. The now famous Christ the Redeemer — which itself took inspiration from Christ the King Church  — sits on its original site in Rio. Several endearing quirks include the fact that all the signage within is in Portuguese, and a long held tradition of serving only gluten-free bread, far ahead of its competitors. The church’s custom built tabernacle is also unique, insofar as it has the most sophisticated security apparatus known to humankind, and has never been cracked.

The church is located in Turner’s Cross and you can check the website for service times.
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