Behold, Cork.
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The Echo Boys



The Echo Boys, known as the Reverberators until 1905, are the marketing and social media team for the local newspaper. A fixture around Cork, you will hear them before you see them.

Part of the fabric of the city centre, these announcers are the first port of call for the latest news, both local and international. Their metronomic cry of ‘Echo’ is like a siren to the news-hungry, and its secret technique is a closely guarded, um... secret.

An ancient order descendent from St. Patrick, the Echo Boys have their own omertà that binds them together from birth. Each of them are born with a snake birthmark that attests to their lineage. They are known to be highly skilled warriors and if called upon they will protect the city’s citizens at all costs. They operate strictly within the city centre, and are forbidden to leave it in case they are needed for breaking news (except Sundays). Keep an eye and an ear out for Cork’s Echo Boys the next time you are visting the city. They are also very active on their social channels (especially MySpace), where they like to break the latest breaking news.

The Echo Boys roam the streets of the city centre Monday to Saturday where you can purchase a newspaper from them.